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Have you checked your hot water heater?

11/17/2023 (Permalink)

Maintaining your hot water heater may increase the efficiency and possibly the life span. Here are a few things you can do to help. 

There is a valve located near the top of the water heater called a TPR valve. This valve will have a pipe leading away from it. Be sure to place a bucket under the pipe and shut of the power and the cold water supply, Then lift the valve to let a little of the water out and let go. If the water does not stop flowing then the valve will need to be replaced. 

Wrap the tank and the pipes. Don't forget to wrap the cold water pipes as well as this will prevent the pipes from condensation in the summer. 

Draining the tank and washing out the sediment until clear water comes out will increase the lifespan of the heater. This should be done yearly. 

Check to see if the anode rod needs to be replaced every year. 

SERVPRO is a professional restoration company that will always be here in your time of need. 

Salvageable vs Unsalvageable Contents

11/8/2023 (Permalink)

Do you know the difference between salvageable and unsalvageable contents? 

There are many things to consider when determining what can be saved and what must be discarded. First thing to consider is the cleanliness of the water. For example if the water came from a sewage back up then all items that were damaged would need to be discarded. If the source of the water was from a sink, certain items may be able to be cleaned and saved depending upon the material.

The next step to consider would be the amount of the water as well as how long the water issue has gone unaddressed. Water that has been in the home and not addressed can cause health effects. Certain types of material, plastic, glass and metal can easily be salvaged. While other items such as gypsum board, carpet and drywall are easily permeated and tend to suffer the most damage and are usually replaced.

If an item is irreplaceable, then the decision would be left to the homeowner. We at SERVPRO® of Westfield, Southwick would do our best to improve the condition of the piece to the best of our ability.